Monday, December 10, 2012

Axe to the face

"This is Sergeant Griffon. His axe was made to hack into traitor cranium. He and his squad of assault marines have been a regular fixture in Shrike's plans on Elkin Secondus for a long while now. The sergeant alone has notched up a tally of over 100 kills himself since the Raven Guard moved in to quell the rebellion there. Now that the Arch enemy has arrived, it's expected his experience and that of his squad mates will prove invaluable in the inevitable conflict ahead."

Base aside, this fig is done. Worried he looks a little like a Mime in power armour, but it's as done as I care to put effort into. No Sergeant's markings or insignia - Shrike's regulars are plain, until they earn their bling like the veterans. Griffon is not far off getting his first piece of flair I think. :) This fig is quite possibly my favourite Rogue Trader era Space Marine sculpt. Just screams to me, "Bring it on!!!". :)

This is Specialist Carver and Trooper Elliot. They're currently waiting for their green stuff mountings on their jump packs to cure before I attempt a paint job for them.

Below is Corporal Linstead who seems to have been out in the field for too long and has grown lax in his personal hygiene standards.

This blog has been everso quiet as I have been contemplating selling off my Raven Guard to help fund other projects, but it's so hard to let go miniatures that I've owned for over 25 years in some cases.....
Who knows, perhaps I'll update again before the new year?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not Dead Yet

No, this blog is alive and well and just..... slow.

Expect an update with pics of an Assault Marine or some such soon.

Trying to paint "white" faces has been interesting.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Skimming Part 2 (Finished)

Oof! No idea why this model called out to me to get finished, but I found my last two painting sessions dedicated to it and it's VERY detailed base. All's done aside from shoulderpad detail (Freehand skills failed me more time than you can imagine!) which will have to wait for me to buy some Raven Guard decals to finish. The base has amazing detail and it took literally every shade of grey and metallics to pick out everything and not look total cach. Forced myself not to obsess and so it's as done as it's going to get. Big black whirly-bird above contrasts well with it's many shades I think. (Or I could be wrong....?)

*O and hazard stripes at the rear look better in person for some reason.

Think I'll get onto the rest of them Sternguard next. Next post in.... O.... 9 more years or so. (Told ya this is a s-l-o-w moving blog. ;)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Skimming Part 1 (WIP)

Quick pic of the little I've done for this project of late. More to come.

Forge World Brass Etch is very pretty. But damn if those little letters aren't the pain in the arse to pick out!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Little More

I've found some time to work a little on my Raven Guard, specifically my Shrike Counts-as, made from a limited edition Captain Sicarius that I paid a pretty penny for. It took me an age to grind off all the horrible Ultramarine inconography (I have no dremel tool, so it was all hand filed... ugh...).
I think I have him looking as I’d like. This model is one of my all time favourite Space Marine sculpts and I was rather miffed when I saw that it was something that I’d only ever be able to own if I saved up enough to purchase off some Ebay auction like some spoiled brat. But I digress! Thanks to the lovely Forge World etched brass he is now Kayvaan Shrike, mohawked bad arse and leader of my small detatchment of marines. Am looking forward to painting this feller.

I also finished modding and cleaning up my Land Speeder and now it's also been primed and readied for paint. Again, Forge World etched brass has proven it's worth and I am rather inclined to get another sheet for future projects. When I’ll get to paint this, I have no idea; but it was fun to deck it out in a little Raven Guard “bling” and yes, I know it is way over the top. :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

First Peck!

1st member of the Sterguard Vet's done. Think I like how it turned out and wasn't too involved and so too intensive to repeat.

Wanted a more bone coloured "white" and I think I got it right. Also like the green lenses - tried red, but it looked boring. Hope the green will translate well to the standard black helmets too.

Never was a fan of the different coloured arms and pads that is the current trend for Raven Guard, though not opposed to helmets being lighter than standard troops so those
stayed black.

Excited for the release of the  Raven Guard transfers, though more for future expansions to this army as I already have etched brass icons to cover what's here. Then again, more etched brass would keep things consitent.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Forgot to post that there's more than just troops in this force - there's also a dreadnought and a land Speeder too.

There's also been a wee bit of progress on the Sternguard Vets.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sons of Corax

A new blog for an old project, rarely given the time and love it deserves.

Perhaps in this place I'll find more inspiration seeing as my Ravens will have their own stage?

I have a goal to finish painting my collection before a forum-mate paints his own Nurgle force.

This is what I have:

I think with wargear this lot comes in at just under 1500 points according to the Space Marine Codex. 1500 being the goal to finish before the other person. Thus far, I have 12 models primed black. Yes, a slow start.

Lieutenant Archibold, lead marine of my Vangaurd Veterans. As soon as I saw that Gabriel Seth figure, I knew I have to have it - though without that rubbish chainsword.

My all Rogue Trader Assault Squad. Some of these figures I've had since I were a wee lad and they first were released.

Archibold's Vanguard Squad. I'll do something about that Melta feller later - they were just going to be a 2nd Assault squad, but Veterans are always more fun.

Chaplain Somethingorrather. For the life of me I can't remmeber the name I gave him. He leads the Assault Squad.

LE Sicarius fig that after some un-Ultramarine-ing and converting will be my "Counts as" Kayvan Shrike. (O and Chaplain again)

Sternguard Vets using Forge World kit. Could not help myself when they came out with this. Also ordered the Raven Guard brass etched symbols at the same time.

Tactical Squad 1 - no arms put yet on cos that's how I roll. And paint.

Tactical Squad 2 - again, shameful lack of arms... for now.