Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sons of Corax

A new blog for an old project, rarely given the time and love it deserves.

Perhaps in this place I'll find more inspiration seeing as my Ravens will have their own stage?

I have a goal to finish painting my collection before a forum-mate paints his own Nurgle force.

This is what I have:

I think with wargear this lot comes in at just under 1500 points according to the Space Marine Codex. 1500 being the goal to finish before the other person. Thus far, I have 12 models primed black. Yes, a slow start.

Lieutenant Archibold, lead marine of my Vangaurd Veterans. As soon as I saw that Gabriel Seth figure, I knew I have to have it - though without that rubbish chainsword.

My all Rogue Trader Assault Squad. Some of these figures I've had since I were a wee lad and they first were released.

Archibold's Vanguard Squad. I'll do something about that Melta feller later - they were just going to be a 2nd Assault squad, but Veterans are always more fun.

Chaplain Somethingorrather. For the life of me I can't remmeber the name I gave him. He leads the Assault Squad.

LE Sicarius fig that after some un-Ultramarine-ing and converting will be my "Counts as" Kayvan Shrike. (O and Chaplain again)

Sternguard Vets using Forge World kit. Could not help myself when they came out with this. Also ordered the Raven Guard brass etched symbols at the same time.

Tactical Squad 1 - no arms put yet on cos that's how I roll. And paint.

Tactical Squad 2 - again, shameful lack of arms... for now.

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