Friday, April 20, 2012

A Little More

I've found some time to work a little on my Raven Guard, specifically my Shrike Counts-as, made from a limited edition Captain Sicarius that I paid a pretty penny for. It took me an age to grind off all the horrible Ultramarine inconography (I have no dremel tool, so it was all hand filed... ugh...).
I think I have him looking as I’d like. This model is one of my all time favourite Space Marine sculpts and I was rather miffed when I saw that it was something that I’d only ever be able to own if I saved up enough to purchase off some Ebay auction like some spoiled brat. But I digress! Thanks to the lovely Forge World etched brass he is now Kayvaan Shrike, mohawked bad arse and leader of my small detatchment of marines. Am looking forward to painting this feller.

I also finished modding and cleaning up my Land Speeder and now it's also been primed and readied for paint. Again, Forge World etched brass has proven it's worth and I am rather inclined to get another sheet for future projects. When I’ll get to paint this, I have no idea; but it was fun to deck it out in a little Raven Guard “bling” and yes, I know it is way over the top. :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

First Peck!

1st member of the Sterguard Vet's done. Think I like how it turned out and wasn't too involved and so too intensive to repeat.

Wanted a more bone coloured "white" and I think I got it right. Also like the green lenses - tried red, but it looked boring. Hope the green will translate well to the standard black helmets too.

Never was a fan of the different coloured arms and pads that is the current trend for Raven Guard, though not opposed to helmets being lighter than standard troops so those
stayed black.

Excited for the release of the  Raven Guard transfers, though more for future expansions to this army as I already have etched brass icons to cover what's here. Then again, more etched brass would keep things consitent.