Monday, July 2, 2012

Skimming Part 2 (Finished)

Oof! No idea why this model called out to me to get finished, but I found my last two painting sessions dedicated to it and it's VERY detailed base. All's done aside from shoulderpad detail (Freehand skills failed me more time than you can imagine!) which will have to wait for me to buy some Raven Guard decals to finish. The base has amazing detail and it took literally every shade of grey and metallics to pick out everything and not look total cach. Forced myself not to obsess and so it's as done as it's going to get. Big black whirly-bird above contrasts well with it's many shades I think. (Or I could be wrong....?)

*O and hazard stripes at the rear look better in person for some reason.

Think I'll get onto the rest of them Sternguard next. Next post in.... O.... 9 more years or so. (Told ya this is a s-l-o-w moving blog. ;)

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