Monday, December 10, 2012

Axe to the face

"This is Sergeant Griffon. His axe was made to hack into traitor cranium. He and his squad of assault marines have been a regular fixture in Shrike's plans on Elkin Secondus for a long while now. The sergeant alone has notched up a tally of over 100 kills himself since the Raven Guard moved in to quell the rebellion there. Now that the Arch enemy has arrived, it's expected his experience and that of his squad mates will prove invaluable in the inevitable conflict ahead."

Base aside, this fig is done. Worried he looks a little like a Mime in power armour, but it's as done as I care to put effort into. No Sergeant's markings or insignia - Shrike's regulars are plain, until they earn their bling like the veterans. Griffon is not far off getting his first piece of flair I think. :) This fig is quite possibly my favourite Rogue Trader era Space Marine sculpt. Just screams to me, "Bring it on!!!". :)

This is Specialist Carver and Trooper Elliot. They're currently waiting for their green stuff mountings on their jump packs to cure before I attempt a paint job for them.

Below is Corporal Linstead who seems to have been out in the field for too long and has grown lax in his personal hygiene standards.

This blog has been everso quiet as I have been contemplating selling off my Raven Guard to help fund other projects, but it's so hard to let go miniatures that I've owned for over 25 years in some cases.....
Who knows, perhaps I'll update again before the new year?


  1. Once again, your collection amazes me. If playing a game against these guys, I wouldn't shoot them just to keep them on the table.

  2. Very nice! I love seeing people bring the oooold models back into the present day. Great work!

  3. @ -Mark - That would involve you convincing me to play in the first place. ha! Thankyou sir, I too love to see some of the older sculpts given hobby love. Brings a warm glow to me heart.

    @ Mordian7th - I know, not the best paint job, but it'll do. Thanks mate.

  4. Not at all, man - I dig the assault marine! Oddly enough my first thought at seeing the second model was "Hey, it's Lobo!" (from DC Comics, if you're nor familiar). :)

  5. Lobo.... yeah, I can see that. Hehe. Nice!

  6. Specialist Carver looks like a psychopath! Just what you want from an assault troop though! I need to finish a squad of my RTB01 I still have, but I think I may have enough Relictors now... nah, never have enough!

  7. Sell your Raven Guard ? Really ?

    1. Dunno mate - sad case of far too many projects and not enough time. Would hate to see these just sat in in their boxes not getting the love they deserve. Plus, any funds generated could be put towards current projects instead. I'm still thinking on it to be honest, there's no rush.